How It Works

Multiple different empty frames are displayed against a white wall during the picture framing process.

An Introduction to Custom Framing

Custom framing is more than putting a frame around your favorite piece of art—it’s showcasing it in the best possible way. From choosing a frame style that reflects your personal aesthetic, to deciding on durable materials that will protect your most precious pieces for years to come, only custom framing provides the exceptional level of care and craftsmanship your art deserves.

How Custom Framing Works

Custom framing involves working with a trained professional who gets to know your style, your space, and your vision, before crafting a frame that’s tailor-made for your treasures. They work alongside you to choose every little detail—from the frame style to the matting and glass— ensuring you get a final result that’s perfectly personalized.

Our Picture Framing Process

At Expressions & Images, we work with each customer one-on-one to create something truly special. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, we’re here every step of the way, ensuring your artwork gets the attention it deserves. Here’s a brief overview of our process:
It all starts with your cherished creation. Whether it’s a historical portrait of your great-grandmother, a university diploma, or a rare piece from your favorite abstract artist— we’ll assess your artwork and use it to inspire our next steps.

We stock hundreds of custom picture frame styles for you to choose from, including:

  • Gilded frames
  • Gallery frames
  • Deep-set frames
  • Rustic frames
  • Floating frames
  • Shadow box frames

We also have a range of frame materials to suit every style and budget. Popular choices include:

  • Metal frames
  • Natural wood frames
  • Acrylic frames

Not sure which option best suits your price range or personal taste? No problem! We’ll guide you through each possibility step by step to ensure a stunning end result.

This is one of our favorite framing steps! Our in-house professionals are color matching and matboard creation experts. That means we can help you select options that compliment your artwork exquisitely, adding to its unique visual appeal. We’ve got you covered from sleek and simple single mat boards to multi-opening or museum mat boards.
Yes, with us, you can even your glass! We offer multiple options, depending on the level of UV protection and anti-glare finish you’d prefer.  If you’re looking to have a one-of-a-kind photograph framed, for example, investing in the highest level of UV protection will ensure the photo retains its original vibrancy for years (even decades) to come. Alternatively, family photos you intend to hang in a sunny room would benefit from an anti-glare finish, allowing you to see the images from any angle regardless of how bright the day’s sunlight might be.
You’ve made your selections and you’re happy with our custom picture framing services, now it’s time to finalize your order! This part of the process is super easy. We’ll collect some basic contact information from you, let you know the expected for completion, and let you be on your way.
We believe in earning your trust by delivering high-quality craftsmanship and exceeding your expectations before asking for payment. So, when your order is ready, we’ll ask that you stop by our location, inspect it for yourself, and pay when you’re 100% satisfied.

Experience Local Excellence. Choose Us as Your Trusted Edmonton Custom Framers.

When you visit our custom framing shop in Edmonton, you’re not just a customer— you’re part of our community (and we’re confident you’ll feel the difference). We’ll handle all your framing needs with warmth, expertise, and that special touch only a local business can provide.
Plus, we handle everything in-house. (Yes, we mean everything!) Unlike big-box stores that ship your precious artwork off to who-knows-where, we never let your precious artworks leave our sight.
If you’re looking for expertise you can count on and a personalized experience that puts you first, we’re confident we’re the right Edmonton custom framers for you. Let’s create something truly special together!

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