Hanging Your Artwork

We follow the belief that there is no right or wrong way to hang a picture. Use common sense, and do what is pleasing to you. Of course if it is too low it might be in the way or get bumped, and if it is too high you’ll get a crick in your neck trying to enjoy it.
Find a good balance and do what is pleasing to you. You may have a spot already in mind. If so, have someone hold the picture and stand back to see how it looks and feels. Sometimes the spot we thought would be just right, doesn’t quite work.
If so, walk around your house and the perfect place might just call to you.  

When you’ve found the ideal place get a tape measure and pull the center of the wire tight at the top like it will be on the picture hook. Measure the distance from the top of the wire to the top of the frame. It will probably be a few inches from the top of the frame. That is where the bottom of the picture hook is going to sit. When you have it where you like the picture on the wall, the hook will be placed that distance down.

Place the bottom of the hook where the wire will sit and hammer in the picture hook.  I like to give the picture hook a little squeeze to make sure it is not open too wide, and the wire will sit firmly in the V.  Always make sure you get the wire in the V of the hook and it is not sitting on top of the nail, as it could pull out, or fall.


If you have multiple pictures, take the brown paper they were wrapped in, or any other paper and cut out the sizes of the pictures. Clear a space on the floor and arrange them, trying various patterns until you find one you like. You can then lightly attach them to the wall, stand back and see how the arrangement looks. Once fine tuned, you will know exactly where to hang them.  A light pencil mark can be easily erased when you are done.  I like to give the picture hook a little squeeze to make sure it is not open too wide, and the wire will sit firmly in the V. Always make sure you get the wire in the V of the hook and it is not sitting on top of the nail, as it could pull out, or fall.


Sometimes we get rushed and think I have a nail on hand, I ‘ll just use that. The challenge is, over time the weight of the picture may pull the nail down and the picture could fall. Customer feedback tells me they always fall at three in the morning, and scare the dickens out of you! 

If you have a larger, wider, or heavier picture you may want to hang your picture on 2 hooks.  Space them about 10” to 18” apart, depending on the size of your picture and measure from the ceiling down.  If you require hooks or bumps for the back of your pictures, just drop in and see us. 

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