Glass Options


Glass, or glazing as it is often called comes in many different styles. Glass is about 2 ml thick, is usually clear, but may also have a slight green undertone. Don’t worry. It’s not really noticeable on your picture. We carry samples of all the different styles of glass in our showroom.


Regular glass is clear and economical, has no UV protection and has some reflection. Use it on posters, prints and inexpensive or replaceable items.  Good for things that don’t have to last a lifetime.  It’s good for rooms that don’t get a lot of light, or rooms that are used at night when reflection may not be an issue.  Remember, you can always change the glass on your picture if you are unable to enjoy it due to reflection, or if you move it to another spot with more lighting. 

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It is just like regular glass, but for just a tiny bit more, it has about 45% UV protection.


Conservation glass comes in clear and non-glare options. It has about 95% UV protection and can be a good choice for valuable, priceless and irreplaceable art.


Non-glare, or reflection control glass is just that. It has a coating which cuts the reflection immensely. It also can dull the picture and give it a hazy effect. Non-glare had about 65% UV protection. Non-glare is a good option for pictures hanging in bright locations.


Ultraview is one of our favorite glass options. Relatively new on the market, it has very little reflection,without the haziness of non-glare. It offers about 65% UV protection and is a wonderful choice to show off your art -clear and crisp.The cost is a bit more, but divided over the lifetime of your picture, is still well worth the investment.


Museum glass it the champagne of glass. It is a step up from ultraview glass with 95% UV protection and minimal reflection.
An excellent choice for the most prized treasures.


Plexi glass is also available for your artwork. The advantage is it is light weight and comes in clear, non-glare & UV protection. It also scratches quite easily, even when dusting, so must be chosen carefully.