Hot Weather & Hot Cars

Wow!  Who can believe this weather we are having!  It is wonderful to cast off the warm winter woollies and wriggle our bare toes in the grass. 

I thought this might be a good time to talk about transporting your artwork.  Once you’ve picked up your pictures and we have loaded them safely in your vehicle, (yes, we always insist on carrying your pictures out to your car and loading them safely for you) keep in mind that the car can get quite hot in the summer.  We recommend you do not leave your pictures for any extended length of time (like all day while you are at work) as the heat could cause the picture to ‘sweat’ leaving water stains where you don’t really want them.  If possible, bring your pictures inside with you, or arrange to pick them up at a time when you can head sooner than later.

Any questions just give us a call.  We are always glad to help.

And have a fun, safe and happy summer!